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Hiiii~i everyone!

I'm Shizuka! Um...yeah. ^^' You knew that right?
If you didn't, then why the hell are you here? -blinku-..Umm, anyways, this is my first LiveJournal. How do you like the layout? I made the graphics myself too. Oh, dont ask about the lyrics on the background picture...See, lately I've had this philosophy: People always looked at me as a shy, quiet, nice girl, but I only acted like that because thats how I thought I was SUPPOSED to be. But in the past few months, ever since my operation, I feel like my ability to see things better physically also opened up my mind a little bit. I feel like I'm changing now, and I've only been introverted because thats how people told me to be.
I dont really want to be that person anymore. I want to really start to define myself, so that people can see me for who I really am.
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Uhm, hi Shizuka. ^^; It's me Mokuba. I haven't seen you in a good while,and i just wanted ta say hi.

It's really great that you're breaking out of your shell . . if thats what you call it. Even though i thought you were just fine when you were quiet. Hahah. Well, congrats on refinding yourself. :3
I didn't think too many people would be happy with it... T__T'
Well, why does it matter what they would think? Are they Shizuka Kawai? I dun think so. Don't let what others think push you down

I think it's a nice change. :3 *nod*
I'm glad you got to join the LJ craze, Shizuka! :D

Oh, and about the "changing from nice to not thing", I suppose you can do that if you'd long as you're happy with it...just don't go overboard and change into a duplicate of Kaiba, ok? >> You'd really worry me there... Just be sure it's what you want to do. *nod*
Lol, a Shizuka that acts like Kaiba! XD
Scary thoughts. o0
*bow politely* It's nice to meet you again, Shizuka-san.