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I dont update alot...

>.< Argh! Work sucks! It always gets in the way. Maybe I should quit my waiting job. But...then... I wont be able to live in my cute little loft with absolutely no one else so I can live like a greedy bastard for the rest of my days and live off of HSN.

You know what else I really dont like? People who complain too much. Right now I'm complaining and I'm annoying the hell out of myself. I gotta go. XD
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Your annoying yourself...That's weird...
[This is Shizuka's player. Uhmmmm. O_o I don't really update anymore. The RP died like a few months ago. Sorry.]
((Maybe you should bring it back to life..Gotta Yahoo ID??))
[Well it's not exactly mine. But I do have a Yahoo ID. Aurachanchan. Talk to you there?]
Hello, random person I do not know.

If you're still checking this account I was just wondering if you won't mined RPing as Shizuka for our community. We've been Rping for a month now, and trying to find new Rpers who don't go for all that yoai, yuri stuff. So, if you're interested give us a look and if you like us you can tell any of your Yugioh friends as well. And your brother needs you.
I know shameless advertising. sweat drop