shizuka__kawai (shizuka__kawai) wrote,

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eek~~! My allergies!

My allergies are so bad these days.. I dont know why..

Argh! My job at Burger World and my tennis lessons are really getting in the way of my journal! I wish I were here to update more. I hear on these AOL journals, people can textmessage journal entries to a robot. Thats so weird. O_o What if it's something personal, and somehow a person reads the entry? I wish they had that for LJ, though.

Ya know, I honestly think I need to bring something up with McDonalds-They're always out of apple pies! And when they're out of apple pies, I use my hammer...and explode smoothie machines..^.^ Yay?

Jou's been acting kind of sluggish for the past two or three days. I wonder whats up with him.
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