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Name: Kawai Shizuka
In America: Serenity Wheeler
Age: I'm about 13-14
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown..used to be purple. I was going through some sort of rebellion stage..((OOC: Her hair was purple in season one.))
Cards: My deck is really centralized on light-type cards.
Birthday: O_. Umm...
Usually Paired with: Honda or Otogi (or both in the mind of twisted Otakus). I dont really like either though, even if it is.. er.. sort of flattering. --'
Clothes: My usual outfit is a pink turtleneck vest with a yellow T-shirt underneath, and a pair of blue shorts.
Good Points: Really sweet and innocent.
Bad Points: I tend to have a biii~iiig brother complex..^^'
My name's Shizuka! I'm Jounouchi's little sister. Umm..It doesn't take much to realize that, if you know me. About a year ago my brother's friend gave him money to pay for my operation, because I was going blind and Jou and I couldn't pay for it. During the middle of the Battle City competition, I left the hospital, making sure to stay with Jou so that we didn't get seperated again. My first real duel I think was during the time when we were all trapped in the Virtual World. ^_^ I'm not an AMAZING duelist, and I'm definetly not as good as Jou-kun, but I'm pretty good.